Library Day in the Life Project, Round 6

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This is the second time I’ve taken part in the Library Day in the Life Project. In Round 5, I tweeted about my week. In Round 6, I’ve decided to use Twitter to document my working week, but on Bobbi Newman’s advice, also incorporate these into a blog post.

So here is my round up of #libday6…

Monday 24th January 2011

9.22 AM New week, new blog post: http://bit.ly/f0rcbX Thoughts on my Chartership PPDP and my first mentor meeting later this week. #libday6

9.41 AM My day starts with opening the Education Library, uploading a new blog post http://bit.ly/f0rcbX and dealing with new book requests #libday6

10:41 AM Organising my diary for the next few weeks, the service desk rotas are v tight due to staff turnover & it’s difficult to find cover #libday6

12:59 PM Scanned some journal articles on the world’s clunkiest scanner for an intersite copy request for the other university campus #libday6

1:04 PM Just emailed the Librarian about appearing in a promotional video for the institutional repository, and now it’s time for lunch! #libday6

2:38 PM Although most of today I’m on service duties, have some spare time this afternoon to work on e-resource benchmarking exercise #libday6

4.36 PM Just planned my travel to see my Chartership mentor tomorrow – looking forward to meeting Jackie and seeing Teesside Uni Library! #libday6

5.03 PM Ended my #libday6 trying to solve a procurement conundrum around cancelled printed marketing materials – but it’ll keep until tomorrow.

Tuesday 25th January 2011

9:38 AM #libday6 Arrive, check emails, add agenda items for AS team meeting, phone printers, email procurement, check Library’s facebook & twitter

12:05 PM Spent an hour on the Collections desk issuing laptops & sorted the procurement mix-up with the printers of our marketing materials #libday6

12:10 PM Put in training form to attend next North East repositories group meeting, now I’m off to catch a bus for my CILIP mentor meeting #libday6

Wednesday 26th January 2011

12:28 PM Positive meeting with my Chartership mentor yesterday at Teesside – need to get my PPDP sent off now #libday6

12:30 PM Busy morning spent digitising book chapters and sorting out emergency cover for our instant messaging service for the next few days #libday6

12:32 PM There’s a film crew in shooting a video to promote the Library – trying very hard to keep out of the way so I don’t get roped in! #libday6

Thursday 27th January 2011

8.25 AM Saw band of horses last night – excellent gig, although pretty tired for my early set up shift this morning #libday6 #inneedofcaffeine

11:26 AM Spending most of my morning on current e-resource benchmarking project, almost through all of Glasgow’s databases, almost… #libday6

3:40 PM Had lunch with my friend Nick, an engineering PhD student, and then into a meeting assessing our new book request service #libday6

Friday 28th January 2011

About 5 hours ago Last day of #libday6 and one filled with service desk shifts, as providing cover for colleagues. First up, Enquiries…

About 3 hours ago Next I am off for my weekly shelving hour, then onto the Collections desk…. #libday6

7 minutes ago This afternoon, to complete my day of back & forthing & never being at my desk, I’m on Enquiries, then Meebo, then Collection desk #libday6

And that about sums up my week… for the next round of the Library Day in the Life Project, I might even manage a proper blog post!


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