CPD23: Reflecthing

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I have mainly one thing to say about Thing 5 of the 23 Things for Professional Development programme, which is all about reflective practice. And that is read my blog. This whole CILIP Chartership thing means I’m all over it. Oh yeah.

Ok, gloating over. I thought I’d use this Thing to briefly reflect on what I’m getting out of CPD23, and what I need to concentrate on in order to get the most out of the rest of the professional development Things coming up over the coming weeks.

So far, CPD23 has prompted me to revisit and review how I’m using particular online tools for personal and professional development. I’ve been trying to look at my online presence objectively and I’ve come up with some actions to help me get the most out of blogging, Twitter and RSS feeds, amongst other things. It’s also exciting to explore new tools, like Pushnote and later this week, LinkedIn, and I’m hoping by the end of the programme, I’ll be starting to use some of these.

The other positive about doing this is that lots of other people are trying these tools out at the same time. I’m enjoying reading about what other people think of online professional networking, and what’s working for them!

What I really need to do now is use these reflections to inform my actions and interactions, and get on and do the stuff I’m suggesting. The most difficult bit of the CPD23 programme for me is just keeping up, because the weeks and Things seem to move really quickly. However, I’ve subscribed to the single feed of all the CPD23 blogs set up by Shannon Robalino (I want her surname), and it looks like I’m not the only one out there who gets a bit behind from time to time, which is reassuring! And the way I see it, I can always look back over my posts after the CPD23 course finishes and spend some more time on some of the Things at my leisure.

The other thing I’m slightly concerned about is progressing with my Chartership work at the same time as taking part in CPD23. There’s definitely professional development activities I’ve been doing over the last few weeks that I need to spend some time reflecting on. Work and life doesn’t stop, after all!


Written by missrachelsmith

July 18, 2011 at 12:35

3 Responses

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  1. Seconded. I have just registered for Chartership – need to update CV, start thinking about my PPDP, find a mentor and am already behind with CPD23. The hardest part is definitely finding the time to turn thoughts into actions. Good luck with your Chartership mentor meeting, be good know how it goes.

    Disconnected Librarian

    July 21, 2011 at 14:00

    • Thanks for your comment – it’s certainly been tricky trying to fit both of the programmes in. I think I’ll probably get to the end of CPD23 and have quite a few Chartership blog posts to catch up on! Might blog about my mentor meeting briefly next week… watch this space. I’m also interested to explore your blog – are you using it to blog about your Chartership work?


      July 22, 2011 at 17:07

  2. Yes, I’m planning to use my blog for Chartership, however I’m just not that far advanced yet! CPD23 is brilliant and has given me a head start with some of the things I need to concentrate on, especially networking, however I’m finding it hard to keep up and find the time to start thinking about finding a mentor and all what I need to do beforehand. Watch this space, I’ve applied so need to make a start sometime soon.

    Disconnected Librarian

    July 26, 2011 at 09:06

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