Library Day in the Life Project, Round 8

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Ok, so basically I cottoned on a bit late. This week it’s been Round 8 of the Library Day in the Life Project, and I totally didn’t realise until I logged into Twitter yesterday. So the decision’s made for me. Blogging it is.


Well actually, on Monday I had the day off. Because I do that occasionally. And work’s been really busy lately, having started my new job in December, so I’m building up lots of flexitime…


On Tuesday, my diary was quite busy and I had four meetings. In the morning, I met with colleagues to discuss the refurbishment of our Level 3 computer room and developing new IT areas across the four floors of the Main Library. I also saw the Charities Officer from the Student Union about promoting the Library giving one day’s fines revenue to charity, which will hopefully help to combat recent negative press about our fines revenue. In between, I managed to get through Monday’s emails and do a few odd jobs, like updating our screensavers and plasmascreens and putting up a few posters which were lingering on my desk.

I started my afternoon by meeting with my colleague Vicki, who’s helping me to put together Easter vacation publicity materials this year and we talked through the various ways we tell the students about borrowing resources and using the Library during the vacation period. Then, I knocked together a plan of action for this year’s Library 24/7 campaign. I seem to be writing plans quite a lot at the moment, because otherwise I have to hold everything in my head (never a good idea).

After that, and a quick cup of tea, I had an update meeting with the Deputy Librarian, who’s my new line manager. We discussed support for my role, recent issues and things that were coming up. Of which there is quite a lot…


I spent most of Wednesday morning putting together a statement for the student newspaper about the Library’s budget for resources and staffing over the last few years. Not a pleasant task. We haven’t had the most positive relationship with the student newspaper in the past, so last week, I spent quite a bit of time writing a very carefully worded briefing document about the Main Library’s £11 million pound extension, which opens in April.  In Monday’s newspaper, page 3 was devoted to Library developments, so I felt like that was a job well done. This week, a very vague enquiry about the Library’s spending, which gives no idea of what kind of angle our student journalists are looking to take. And yes, we do spend quite a lot of money, because academic resources are really expensive and we offer long opening hours across a range of Library sites. We are like any other large university library. So I talk to the Library’s Finance Officer and get something drafted…

In the afternoon, I spent an hour serving customers on the help and information desk, I updated our horrible opening hours database and got documentation sent off to IT to get a Bristol Online Surveys account. I also started redrafting the Library 24/7 webpages.


First thing on Thursday morning, I jumped on a bus to the other University campus for an introductory meeting in my new role with library staff there. When I arrived, the network was down across the campus, so I phoned staff at the Main Library to let them know and get information out to customers on our webpages and social media accounts. In the meeting, we talked mostly about Library 24/7, as well as vacation information. There’s a new member of staff there who’s keen on helping out, so that’s great.

Back at the office, I finished off a document outlining what kinds of information a potential new opening hours system would need to display. I spent the rest of my afternoon starting to design an infographic style poster about the Main Library’s East Wing extension…


After an hour on the help and information desk, I finished off the first draft of my ‘East Wing in numbers’ infographic, although it will need a bit more work next week when I’ve got feedback from the Communications and Marketing Group on Monday. Talking of the Communications and Marketing Group, I wrote an agenda for Monday’s meeting and circulate with the meeting documents.

Later, I wrote a news story and social media posts about the updating of our building developments pages, which I’m hoping will go live over the next week. I made some amendments to the budget statement for the student newspaper, but I’ll need to talk to the Deputy Librarian about this before it can go out. Last thing (and this is what I always tend to do on a Friday afternoon!), I wrote myself a to do list so I can hit the ground running next week.

And that was my Library Day in the Life, Round 8! It’s first thing on Monday morning now, and I’m about to start it all over again. Here goes…


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February 6, 2012 at 08:55

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