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CPD23: The best Thing

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Taking the negative view, I am now so behind with the 23 Things for Professional Development programme I am very unlikely to catch up with everything before we hit Thing 23. But the positive person that I am, I have decided to take this as an opportunity to change Things around a bit. So in this post I’m going to discuss Thing 13: Google Docs, Wikis and Dropbox. And the simple reason that I’ve decided to go for this Thing next is because 13 is my lucky number, which makes Thing 13 the best of all the Things. Of course.

Google Docs

I thought that I’d never used Google Docs before. But Google seems to be gradually taking over my life – I’m sure it reads my emails, and now it seems to have started to squirrel away the documents I download from my Google Mail account. So upon logging into Google Docs for the first time, I was quite surprised to see that I had a number of documents there, all of which were not very useful and were promptly deleted. Now that I know I have an account though and can use it to share and collaborate on documents, I might start to utilise this more.


Wikis are something I do have some experience of. I’ve contributed to a few, such as the Library Day in the Life Project, which I’ve taken part in for the last few rounds. I also thought I’d contributed to the Library Routes Project wiki, but turns out I hadn’t. So as part of this Thing, I added my Library Routes blog post. Excellent reminder.

At the moment, I think I’m content with being able to add information to wikis. However, in the future I could explore setting up a kind of test wiki, so that I get to know this software better.


And actually, I’m also using Dropbox on a regular basis. I share an account with my boyfriend and it’s installed on our home laptop, and both of our work computers. Paul uses this for SERIOUS WORK BUSINESS. I mostly use Dropbox for something much more fun… I’m writing a children’s book. It started off as a kind of distraction, because lots of nasty serious things are happening in my life and I needed to take my mind off them. I’ve nearly finished the very first draft of it now, and I know that when I have finished it, I will be amazingly proud of my achievement. Whether it sits on my mantlepiece as something to read to my future children, or whether it’s good enough to be published.

But if it got published? Now that really would be the best thing.


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September 21, 2011 at 17:41

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Library Day in the Life Round 7

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This week, I’ve been taking part in the seventh round of the Library Day in the Life Project, where librarians and information professionals around the world tweet and blog about what they do. As I’ve been stretched for time this week, both in work and out, I haven’t had enough time to blog properly, but here is a round up of my #libday7 tweets for your perusal…

Monday 25th July

Spent my first two hours of my day on the helpdesk, serving customers and ploughing through a history reading list #libday7
Sorting out attending North East Communications and Marketing Group meeting and ILM Award in Team Leading training in Oct/Nov #libday7
Amended designs this year’s induction freebies for Freshers Fair and emailed printing company for revised quotes #libday7
Investigated and followed up on user’s query about broken PDF links #libday7
Spent most of my afternoon scanning book chapters about Thatcher, urban decay and sex work. Not all in the same chapter! #libday7
Blitzed through a chemistry reading list in double quick time… #libday7
Just blogged: CPD23: Talkin’ about Things http://t.co/oDqvJ9F #libday7
Tuesday 26th July
Started my day by editing and sending off our news from member libraries submission for the next issue of SCONUL update #libday7
Proofed inserts for our handy guide wallets for new students #libday7
First attempt at using SwishMax to create slides for our new digital signage… now looking at opening hours guides for next year #libday7
Review meeting of our customer service training this afternoon – met with the other trainers to discuss and tailor sessions #libday7
Finishing my afternoon on the returns desk… and then home! #libday7
Wednesday 27th July
After quickly catching up with my emails, starting my day with a spot of scanning, dabbling in digitisation… #libday7
On the returns desk for an hour before lunch. Usually very quiet so I’ve brought an English reading list with me #libday7
So busy this afternoon that I forgot all about #libday7 tweeting! Sorted two Chartership visits/work experience placements…
Spent quite a bit of time mocking up a testimonials page for repository and attempting coding (badly) #libday7
And rounded off my working day by finishing draft of opening hours guides for 5 library sites and sent to library services manager #libday7
Thursday 28th July
Started my day dealing with quotes for wall planners, as well as raising a requisition for our door dial freebies for freshers fair #libday7
Just finished checking an English reading list, onto investigating using Google Calendar to manage our opening hours webpages #libday7
Quite a successful library treasure hunt planning meeting with @victoriahedley1, now time for tea! #libday7
Met with Library Services Manager to discuss instructions/publicity for new photocopiers, opening hours & the new reference library #libday7
Just blogged: CPD23: Organising opening hours http://bit.ly/qqGqQD and the end of my #libday7 Thursday!
Friday 29th July
Just edited webpages, wrote news story & blog post, updated social media and created & distributed notices about new photocopiers #libday7
@_froglette_ It’s Library Day in the Life Round 7 (or #libday7) – librarians around the world are tweeting/blogging about what they do!
Quickly proofed our A5 Handy Guide, which is just about to go to print #libday7
Followed up on actions from yesterday’s Treasure Hunt planning session #libday7
Spent two hours on the help and information desk, mainly fielding special collections questions, as the network is down! #libday7
Spent the last hour or so of my #libday7 tying up loose ends – re-editing opening hours guides, editing testimonials page, reading lists…
Followed up a missing book query from a customer earlier and wrote to do list for when I arrive back from my holiday #libday7
A busy week!

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July 29, 2011 at 17:05

Library Day in the Life Project, Round 6

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This is the second time I’ve taken part in the Library Day in the Life Project. In Round 5, I tweeted about my week. In Round 6, I’ve decided to use Twitter to document my working week, but on Bobbi Newman’s advice, also incorporate these into a blog post.

So here is my round up of #libday6…

Monday 24th January 2011

9.22 AM New week, new blog post: http://bit.ly/f0rcbX Thoughts on my Chartership PPDP and my first mentor meeting later this week. #libday6

9.41 AM My day starts with opening the Education Library, uploading a new blog post http://bit.ly/f0rcbX and dealing with new book requests #libday6

10:41 AM Organising my diary for the next few weeks, the service desk rotas are v tight due to staff turnover & it’s difficult to find cover #libday6

12:59 PM Scanned some journal articles on the world’s clunkiest scanner for an intersite copy request for the other university campus #libday6

1:04 PM Just emailed the Librarian about appearing in a promotional video for the institutional repository, and now it’s time for lunch! #libday6

2:38 PM Although most of today I’m on service duties, have some spare time this afternoon to work on e-resource benchmarking exercise #libday6

4.36 PM Just planned my travel to see my Chartership mentor tomorrow – looking forward to meeting Jackie and seeing Teesside Uni Library! #libday6

5.03 PM Ended my #libday6 trying to solve a procurement conundrum around cancelled printed marketing materials – but it’ll keep until tomorrow.

Tuesday 25th January 2011

9:38 AM #libday6 Arrive, check emails, add agenda items for AS team meeting, phone printers, email procurement, check Library’s facebook & twitter

12:05 PM Spent an hour on the Collections desk issuing laptops & sorted the procurement mix-up with the printers of our marketing materials #libday6

12:10 PM Put in training form to attend next North East repositories group meeting, now I’m off to catch a bus for my CILIP mentor meeting #libday6

Wednesday 26th January 2011

12:28 PM Positive meeting with my Chartership mentor yesterday at Teesside – need to get my PPDP sent off now #libday6

12:30 PM Busy morning spent digitising book chapters and sorting out emergency cover for our instant messaging service for the next few days #libday6

12:32 PM There’s a film crew in shooting a video to promote the Library – trying very hard to keep out of the way so I don’t get roped in! #libday6

Thursday 27th January 2011

8.25 AM Saw band of horses last night – excellent gig, although pretty tired for my early set up shift this morning #libday6 #inneedofcaffeine

11:26 AM Spending most of my morning on current e-resource benchmarking project, almost through all of Glasgow’s databases, almost… #libday6

3:40 PM Had lunch with my friend Nick, an engineering PhD student, and then into a meeting assessing our new book request service #libday6

Friday 28th January 2011

About 5 hours ago Last day of #libday6 and one filled with service desk shifts, as providing cover for colleagues. First up, Enquiries…

About 3 hours ago Next I am off for my weekly shelving hour, then onto the Collections desk…. #libday6

7 minutes ago This afternoon, to complete my day of back & forthing & never being at my desk, I’m on Enquiries, then Meebo, then Collection desk #libday6

And that about sums up my week… for the next round of the Library Day in the Life Project, I might even manage a proper blog post!

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